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March 11


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Youtuber X Reader SetoSorcerer Part 6

~This is Chemistry (if you know what I mean ;)) with SetoSorcerer~

-Your POV-

You looked up to see some nerdy kid. He actually fitted the nerd stereo-type. He even had those giant glasses, braces, breeches and his trousers pulled up to high, so high you could see his skinny little ankles.

"And you are?..." You tried to ask him in the most 'friendly' way. This made him chuckle.

"I'm the most popular kid in school and I will make you my Queen. I can already see we have 'chemistry'." This dork laughed continuously at his VERY un-amusing joke.

"*sigh* You didn't answer my question. What's your name?" You were starting to get VERY ticked off at this dirt-bag.

"Oh- right.... My name is Theodore Jackson. And your name is ______ Jackson~" You pretended to laugh in your most sarcastic tone.

"Ha ha.... ha. I'm sorry to 'burst your bubble' but my last name's NOT Jackson (if your last name IS Jackson then I'm REALLY sorry) and it never will be." You sighed as the teacher walked in, a student trying to squeeze his way past without getting into trouble for being late.

"Seto, out from behind me and get into your seat or I'll make your detention TWICE as long." This Seto kid practically raced to his seat, which happened to be next to yours.

"Okay class, today we're doing chemical mixing. You will be doing it in pairs." The teacher read out most of the names until he got to yours.

"Excuse me miss, but have we met before? I don't recognize you." The teacher got closer to your face which made you go a bit red.

"_...______ Sensei. My name's ________. I'm new here..." You began to feel an aura in the air, that way until Seto waved a hand in-front of the teachers face and yours.

"Excuse me Sensei, but you can't go kissing kids. Especially students." Seto glanced over at you and winked, then looking back at the teacher. Who'd now backed away.

"Sorry, he can get a bit pervy." He whispered into your ear, making you giggle and Theodore curse.  

"Ehem! Anyway, _______ and Seto, you two will have some acids and alkalis to test with. A sheet will be brought to everybody shortly."

"SENSEI, I OBJECT! How could you put the love of my life with THAT?! She'll be damaged beyond repair!" You heard Theodore shout as he stood up, raising one hand in the air.

"Sorry, Theo. My and ______-Chan have Chemistry~" Seto smirked, pulling you closer to him. You ended up a blushing mess.

"THEODORE, SETO! THAT'S QUITE ENOUGH!" Theodore and Seto both sat down as did you, head bowed in embarrassment.


The chemicals were now set out neatly. You were wearing a lab coat and goggles. 'This should be fun~'  

You glanced at the sheet whilst carrying two very strong chemicals.

"Okay.... slowly mix them together..." You looked back at the chemicals when Seto blurted out.

"That's not how you do i-" He's shocked you so you jumped, making a big explosion.

"*cough* Well.... That was interesting..." You managed to stutter. You put the chemicals down and was excused to go and get all of the ash from your face and hair.

Once you got to a mirror, you realised it actually looked like an explosion had happened.

"*sigh* At-least no-one really noticed..."

-Another timeskip-

Once you were back with new goggles, all ash gone and a new lab coat, you sat back down.

"That went off with a 'bang'" It was Theodore, trying to make a stupid pun.

"Ahaha... ha. You are ever so funny, you should be a comedian." You gave Theodore your sarcastic tone again and walked off.

"So the Queen of smoke if bac-"

"That's only because you startled me. If you would've helped or told me BEFORE I started to mix them then none of this would've happened." You gave him a soft glare as he gave you a puppy face.

"No... Don- Stop it... STAHP!!!.... Ugh fine... What do you need me to do." You slouched slightly as he smirked and gave you your order.

"I want you to drink this coke." He gave you an evil smirk.

"Okay, what could be so bad about that..." You took the coke from him and drank some of it."

"Don't see how that was so ba-" You were interrupted by Seto placing a kiss on your lips to take away the remaining drink.

"Yum", He turned around to Theodore who was now about to faint, "Told you we had Chemistry Theo~"
Hope you enjoyed this chapter!
Next will be BajanCanadian

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